Following are the types of SEO

Technical SEO

The ranking of a website increase by optimizing the website’s content such as images, URLs and text, and so on. It also increases the rank by making optimizations to the backend of your site. The fixes make it simpler for crawlers to navigate your website, and consequently, it improves your website’s rank.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization is crucial in building a brand as well as improving the popularity of your site. Finding quality backlinks could be difficult and a lengthy process. We make use of Influencer Marketing and Social Media to build quality links and get high marks. A well-designed on-page SEO will also aid in the creation of backlinks.

Content Marketing

We have expert writers who develop SEO-friendly content for your website, whether that’s writing blog articles that can be shared, or optimizing existing pages or services to promote items with more information. Search engines are similar to online site that has frequently updated content. Our job is to ensure that your website is showing up high in search results.

E-commerce SEO

Allow your customers the option of shopping anytime, and increase the retention rate of your customers. We create and send targeted marketing campaigns through emails for you. We also optimize your website for mobile so that you can enjoy the best experience for your brand.

Local SEO

A majority of consumers search for local businesses on the internet. We can help you improve the local SEO of your business through My Business (GMB) optimization and help you attract interested customers.

Sitemap SEO

A sitemap is a map for your site that assists crawlers to index the content of your website pages. We can assist you with Sitemap SEO to promote your site’s Search engine ranking.

UI/ UX Optimization

UX/UX is a crucial ranking element. UX is the way you feel when you interact with technology. UI is the term used to describe the elements with that you can interact. A great UI/UX should be simple and user-friendly. People are more likely to spend time on websites that have a good UX/UI. We can help you to improve this and ensure that your site’s visitors stay on your site for longer, which aids in ranking.

Email Marketing

Marketing via email is a cheap method of reaching millions of people around the world. It allows you to track your progress easily. We assist you in creating specific and customized marketing campaigns. We also inform your customers about your most recent products, services, and promotions.

Amazon SEO

Make your brand known to millions of potential customers around the world. We can help you optimize Your Amazon product listing and create a specific Amazon Marketing Service SEO which advertises your products in front of millions of prospective buyers around the world.