Make Your Online Ads Relevant and Personal

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Advertising on the internet can be beneficial only if they’re relevant. This implies personalization and contextualization.

Brands use targeted advertising to draw users and place them at core of their marketing strategies whether that’s by using display targeting, or even promoting certain types of content or items on their site based on their previous visits. The more important thing to remember is that this isn’t something you can set up just once, check the box and you’re done.

The process of achieving an authentic touch of personalization should include the following elements:

1. Combine multiple data sources

It is possible to combine multiple clues regarding your target audience to create a more complete image of them, which is the most important factor in accurate targeted advertising.

You will find most of this from your analytics, your CRM (Customer relationship management) database, your social networks.

2. Allow feedback, and learn from it

The market is constantly changing and the people on the market today aren’t necessarily searching for the same thing in the future. You must adapt. Effective advertisers will be aware of this and adjust their approach to online advertisements. They will also engage with customers to find out the best way to be reached.

3. Build an experience around your audience

A blanket retargeting of everyone who visited that furniture product page that you made could result in some sales, yes.

However, you’ll also be annoyed by lots of people that for some reason did not want to purchase furniture. Develop specific, customized strategies based on the kind of person you’d like to connect with.

4. ‘Offsite’ and ‘onsite’ do not live in separate bubbles 

You could spend a fortune creating an amazing, personalized experience for your visitors on your site. But if your offline acquisition strategy is built around the push of poorly targeted ads and you’re not getting the desired results, the best you can hope for is your site experience being able to compensate for a poor journey on the way there.

A personal, contextual approach to guiding your visitors is just as important as the experience when you get there. The information you provide users on their journey to your site is a major factor in the amount of conversions you can achieve at your exit. Just take a look at the growth of ad blocking software to see how off the marks ads can be.

Following someone across the internet for weeks with banners promoting a furniture they may have considered purchasing is the online equivalent of employing someone to continually chase a customer with a ‘Buy this Furniture!’ placard. You wouldn’t do that in real life so why do it online?

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